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the things he does for me.

He walked in. Saw me look a little down. My tummy growled. I looked embarrassed. I said I was hungry and still short on cash, as always. He smiled. I got a little sad. He sat down next to me. He said he doesn’t get paid until Friday. I said he didn’t have to worry about me. He smiled. I frowned. He got up and disappeared into his closet. When he came back into the room he had a bag in his hand. I asked what it was. He showed me a big bag of coins. He said he always has me on his mind. He kissed me. I got up. My tummy growled again. He said everything will be okay.

I took the bag to HEB. It was $52.31. I texted him. He said he loves me.

Sometimes I wonder how I got this lucky.

<3 Robert Bradford Boggs. :)

I love you.